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HG RMS-106 ‘Hi-Zack’ [Titans Use]

Mecha Profile

This is the RMS-106 ‘Hi-Zack’ in the operational colors of the Titans during the Gryps War and was first introduced on the TV series MSG: Zeta.

Unit TypeMass Production General-Purpose Mobile Suit
Developed fromYRMS-106 Hizack Pre-Production Type
RX-106 Prototype Hizack
ManufacturerAnaheim Electronics
Known Pilots
Standard Armaments
FixedShoulder Shield
Handheld120mm Zaku Machine Gun Kai
Optional Armaments
Fixed2 x 3-tube Missile Pod
HandheldBeam Saber
BR-87A Beam Rifle
Heat Hawk
Mega Launcher
The Kit

This is the 1:144 scale High-Grade Ban Dai kit from 2000.

Photo Gallery