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Deepsea Ripper

The Kit

This is the 1/24 scale Deepsea Ripper and is part of the Manhunter series from Number 57. You get a total of six different heads. Three painted and three not painted, with two versions of the Great White head and one Hammerhead head.

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Final Thoughts

This is one of those kits that every time you go to the hobby store that you look at buy never fully commit to, at least it was for me. In my case it was for two reasons. First, with it being a third party kit. I admit it, I have become a little spoiled when it comes to the quality of kits we get from Ban Dai and so I tend to not build third party kits. Second, the concept of a ‘Cyborg Shark’ is not something that normally is in my wheel house, when it comes to builds.

Ironically, it was the ‘Cyborg Shark concept that finally sucked me into this build. Not only can you easily swap out the head easily, but the arms and back pack thrusters are swap able. The plastic is a little softer then Ban Dai level plastic and on more then one occasion I had to drill out the holes for the connecting pins to get pieces to fit. In the end it was a fun little build and enjoyable to build something different the a Mobile Suit.