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Lego Haunted Mansion

The Kit

This is the 2022 LEGO Haunted Mansion set and is made up using 680 pieces. The set represents the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland in microfig scale, but also includes a mini fig butler.

The Build

The build of the LEGO Haunted Mansion is done from the ground up and uses only five stickers for the portraits shown in the dining room scene.

Photo Gallery
Build Photos
Completed Photos
Finial Thoughts

After a hiatus of a few years, I have only recently returned to building LEGO sets with my build of the Icon series Galaxy Explorer. Like the Galaxy Explorer build, the Haunted Mansion build uses build techniques that I would never thought of when I was kid, building my Classic Space sets. For example, the windows are are made by stacking three one by one tiles, green/clear/green, and then connecting them on their sides.

In the end the build of this iconic Disneyland attraction was very enjoyable and I hope that LEGO and Disney release more of the rides to go with this one.