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First build of the year – 30MM eEXM-17 Alto Deep Striker

This build is what I imagine a deep striker would look like in the 30 Minutes Missions universe. It is built using either parts or the whole kit from the following sets:

  • eEXM-17 Alto [White]
  • Option Parts Set 1
  • Option Parts Set 8 – Multi Backpack
  • Option Part 9 – Large Booster Unit
  • Option Part 10 – Large Propellant Tank Unit
  • Option Armor for Commander [Alto Exclusive/White]


Unit TypePrototype Deep Space Assault Mobile Suit
Developed fromeEXM-17 Alto
OperatorEarth United Nations
Standard Armaments
Fixed2 x Rocket Pods
2 x Pulse Lasers
2 x Anti-Ship Missiles
Particle Laser Cannon

Photo Gallery

eEXM-17 Alto [White]
Large Booster Unit w/Large Propellant Tank Unit
eEXM-17 Alto Deep Striker