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HG AMX-003 Gaza-C – Haman Karn ver.

This is one of those kits that would typically not catch my eye when looking at stacks and stacks of kits at a hobby store. I would almost guarantee that I have seen this kit several times and never looked at the box art. So, I am sure you are asking how I ended up building this kit. To include my wife in my hobby, I will usually show her designs that might interest her and as soon as I sent her a picture of the box art, she immediately said that I needed to get it.


Unit TypeMass Production Transformable General-Purpose Mobile Suit
Developed fromAMX-002 Gaza-B
Operator Neo Zeon
PilotHaman Karn
Standard Armaments
Fixed2 x Beam Gun
2 x Leg Claw
Knuckle Buster
Handheld2 x Beam Saber

Photo Gallery

Mobile Suite Mode
Mobile Armor Mode

Final Thoughts

For a kit that I would not have originally purchased, I am delighted that I did. The design has grown on me and I have thought about building the standard version. Even though it is not much of a transformation in Mobile Armor mode, it is basically turning the legs backward and bending the mobile suit at the waist. There is the added fact that it looks good in Mobile Suit Mode and both forms of its Mobile Armor Mode.

If there is a negative, it would be the connection right shoulder and the Knuckle Buster. In both cases, they connect via C-clips and in both cases, they broke to different degrees. In the case of the right shoulder, I had to resort to gluing it on. Thankfully, for the Knuck Buster, there is enough of the clip left that it holds on for the most part.